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About us

ABRIS has a 20-year experience in light and ultra-light aviation, UAS, aerial mapping and land monitoring

  • Designing UAS launch and landing/rescue systems
  • Developing know-how and self-engineered equipment for aerial mapping
  • Aerial mapping and generating orthophotos for both even and mountainous lands
  • Numerous researches and practical engineering works for our partners
  • Airframe engineering know-how and software development for aerodynamic and strength prediction
  • Designing several types of light airplanes, including the well-known ultralight utility aircraft SkyRanger (in cooperation with “Aeros”)
  • Designing several types of UAS with the flying weight of 3 to 75 kg
ABRIS Design Group has been designing unmanned technology for over 20 years, has experience in light and ultra-light aviation, the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, ground monitoring and aerial photography.  Products from Abris are leading in the Ukrainian market of professional unmanned aircraft systems. We provide a choice of a whole line of FLIRT drones to our customers, depending on the specifics of their activities.

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