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Flight Planner

Abris Flight Planner is an automatic flight planning software for UAVs in general and the autonomous flying robotic tools designed and fabricated by ABRIS Design Group in particular. Mission oriented flight planning is a difficult and time consuming process, requiring deep knowledge of auto-pilots and its internal communication and implementation details, aircraft flight dynamics, optics, etc. Flight Planner hides all these technical details behind an easy-to-use and interactive interface, where only mission related details have to be specified, and all other tasks of building optimal flight plan are performed completely automatically. Resulting MAVLink navigation points and autopilot commands are generated with respect to specified mission related requirements while optimising aircraft performances.

Abris Flight Planner

In order to simplify time-consuming and rather difficult flight planning tasks, we have developed specialised software capable of generating flight program practically on the fly. Resulting MAVLink navigation points and commands are generated automatically with respect to specified mission related requirements while optimising aircraft performances. Just have a look how mission planning is done with the Abris Flight Planner.

Gepostet von Abris Design Group am Donnerstag, 7. September 2017


General features

  • Different map views (satellite, schematic, custom coloured)
  • Support for KML files for mission import and export flight data to Google Earth
  • On-map specified takeoff and landing points, flight zones (areas) and routes
  • Weather data is received in real-time and used to obtain optimal flight program
  • Configurable and easily selectable aircrafts and payloads
  • Support for wide routes coverage and arbitrary shaped zones (areas)
  • Flight parameters (altitude, airspeed, heading, gradients, etc.) are calculated and presented in graphic plots
  • Flight safety is automatically verified using elevation data
  • Total flight time, distance, power consumption are calculated
  • Flight program in terms of MAVLink navigation points and autopilot commands is automatically generated and exported to a standard Waypoint file

Photogrammetry features

  • Flight program is automatically generated to implement specified desired resolution (GSD), side and course overlaps with respect to selected camera and terrain elevations
  • “Crab angles” are calculated using real time weather data and automatically compensated
  • Support for user specified cameras and lenses parameters
  • Camera images footprints are calculated using terrain elevations and shown both in the software as well as exported to KML file and Google Earth

Aircraft developers features

  • Software can be easily adjusted to support any aircrafts and payloads
  • Special editor for creation and modification of aircraft profiles
  • User friendly support for automatic generation of mission related commands to control autopilot and mission specific payloads based on in-flight parameters

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