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The rescue system “LuckyBeak” is designed to provide precision landing for UAS with the weight of 2.5 to 10 kg under normal and emergency conditions. “LuckyBeak” is brought into action by operator or autopilot command. Moreover, “LuckyBeak” can be optionally outfitted with its own programmable controller, which ensures automatic deployment in case of descending below a specified altitude or any other preset conditions. This option provides safe landing even if the main pilotage system is out of order or an operator loses control. An important feature of “LuckyBeak” is its response even if airborne systems are completely de- energized. Using high-quality materials ensures the system compactness and light weight. A special shape of the parachute ensures low descent speed with a relatively small surface area. A special design solution provides parachute fast deployment immediately after its activation. Moreover, parachute packing is fairly simple and does not require any special devices or skills.

Special features

  • Light weight and small size in a stowed position;
  • Low descent speed accompanied by high stability due to a special parachute shape;
  • Fast parachute deployment immediately after its activation;
  • Possible various options for attachment due to a special way of parachute deployment;
  • Simple and reliable in use.
Aircraft weight, kg 2…3,5 3…5 5…8 7…10
Dimensions in flight configurations, cm 22×6×4 30×8×6 30×8×6 33×9×7
Weight, kg 0,35 0,5 0,6 0,8
Stable descending speed, m/s 3,5…5
Time from the moment of activation to full deployment, s 1
Maintenance time, min 3…5

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