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The launch system “LuckyLaunch” is designed to provide a zero-length launch for UAS with the weight of 2 to 10 kg in various environmental conditions and a wide temperature range. The construction is made of high-strength aluminum and titanium alloys, which ensures high strength, long service life, as well as light weight.

The system can be easily transported and assembled. It can be brought into action by one person. The transportation case can be easily placed in a car trunk. ABRIS LuckyLaunch is a completely mechanical device and does not require any energy sources for its operation. The system is produced in several size modifications that differ by the number of sections and, consequently, by the length in an operating position. The construction modularity enables easy varying of the number of sections, depending on a type of UAS and exploitation conditions. Several types of attachment fitting have been developed, including for such popular aircrafts like SkywalkerX8 and Trimble UX5.

Special features

  • Excellent dynamic characteristics in a wide temperature range;
  • Angle adjustment depending on wind strength;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Light weight accompanied by high strength and long service life;
  • Simple, safe and reliable exploitation and maintenance;
  • Fully independent exploitation;
  • Construction modularity and easy adaptation for different types of aircrafts and launch conditions;
  • Launch with an operating engine
Aircraft weight, kg 2…4 3…6 5…8 7…10
Number of sections 2 3 4 5
Length in an operating position, m 2,5 3,5 4,5 5,5
Weight, kg 13,2 14,7 16,5 18,5
Dimensions in transport configurations, m 1,15×0,3×0,3
Assembly time, min 3…5
Maintenance time, sec 30
Catapult launch speed, m/s * 16 … 9
Operating temperature range, °С -20 … +45

* Much depends on the type and weight of the aircraft, wind speed and air temperature

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