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Cetus is a highly-specialized aircraft designed for high precision aerial mapping of vast areas. Stabilized camera with full-frame sensor combined with great flight duration allows you to capture extremely big territories in single flight.

Use cases

aerial mapping agricultural & forest monitoring natural park monitoring infrastructure objects inspections monitoring of piping & power lines


Key advantages: 

  • High adaptability for different types of tasks thanks to interchangeable lens system
  • Gyro stabilized gimbal allows well-aligned series of pictures
  • Long distance flights even with strong wind conditions
  • High-precision aerial orthophoto and DTM without additional field work due to precision GNSS L1/L2 PPK system onboard
  • Simultaneous RGB and multispectral camera usage for agricultural monitoring.

Technical characteristics:

  • total weight 9 kg
  • up to 120 min in flight
  • up to 120 km flight distance
  • parachute landing + airbag protection system
  • GSD from 1 cm
  • up to 15 with 5 cm GSD (60% side overlap)
  • wind tolerance up to 37,2 km/h
  • cruising speed 72-97 km/h

Payload applicable onboard:

  • Full-frame up to 61  Mp RGB camera with interchangeable lens system
  • Optional multispectral camera
  • FLIR VUE PRO/FLIR DUO PRO thermal sensor
  • L1/L2 PPK GNSS