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Iron is a unique model that combines speed and flight distances of fixed-wing systems with 360-degree overview for cameras, LIDAR and other big-size equipment, as in multicopters. Durable metal & fabric construction makes Iron almost indestructible.

Use cases

aerial mapping agricultural monitoring infrastructure objects inspections monitoring of piping & power lines LIDAR scanning oblique camera capturing


Key advantages:

  • various combinations of 360-degree capturing for different tasks
  • interchangeable camera lens
  • big open space for easy changeable payloads
  • extreme durability.

Technical characteristics:

  • total weight 10 kg
  • catapult launch
  • parachute landing + airbag protection system
  • GSD from 0.5 cm
  • up to 60 min in flight
  • up to 60 km flight distance
  • up to 30 km HD video link
  • wind tolerance up to 12 m/c.

Payload applicable onboard:

  • 42 Mp RGB camera camera with interchangeable lens system
  • Multispectral camera
  • L1/L2 PPK GNSS
  • Oblique camera
  • Thermal camera 640×512.