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Monitoring agricultural lands

Manned and unmanned aviation is widely used in monitoring of agricultural lands during the whole cycle of plant vegetation.

Aerial mapping is provided with a multispectral camera. A special navigation system and mapping technology ensure operational efficiency and high performance of works, as well as precise positioning of produced images.

Farmland multispectral images may be used by a customer for the following purposes:

  • Providing precise or general assessment of crop condition;
  • Analyzing crop seedling stages variation and a set of vegetation parameters; as for crops – estimating an above-ground biomass;
  • Analyzing biomass growth dynamics, mapping crop development, identifying abnormal development;
  • Estimating nitrogen content in plants and analyzing leaf areas;
  • Specifying nitrogen application rates in supplementary fertilizers for each field;
  • Drawing up a thematic map estimating harvest and crop maturation degrees;
  • Assessing disaster