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FlightPlanner software

FlightPlanner helps you to easily create missions for fully-automated flights from take-off to landing. Smart software calculates the speed and direction of the wind in the area and the terrain specifics in real-time to calculate the flight and to plan your aerial mapping with extreme precision. The FlightPlanner also programs and manages the on-board equipment during flight.


  • Calculation the impacting factors that is inaccessible manually
  • Higher efficiency of missions
  • Quality assurance of aerial mapping material despite difficult landscape
  • Increased safety of UAV and on-board equipment

General features

  • On-map specified takeoff and landing points, flight areas and routes
  • Rout, wide rout and aerial mission types
  • Multiple routes or areas planning in one flight
  • Mission planning with smart following of the landscape
  • Terassing along the mountain slope
  • KML files support for import and export of mission flight data to Google Earth
  • Calculation of the camera images footprints using terrain elevations and both shown in the software and exported to KML file and Google Earth
  • Automated generation of flight program to implement specified desired resolution (GSD), side and course overlaps with respect to selected camera and terrain elevations
  • Calculation of “crab angles” using real time weather data and their automatic compensation
  • Real-time weather data for optimal flight programming
  • Configurable and easily selectable types of aircrafts and payloads
  • Automatic verification of flight safety using elevation data
  • Calculation of total flight time, distance, power consumption
  • Automatic generation and export of the flight program in terms of MAVLink navigation points and autopilot commands to a standard Waypoint file