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Drones for education: focus on Ukrainian and Brazilian experts

On the 3rd of February 2020 ABRIS has participated in a scientific-practical seminar «Drones for Education» organized by the National university of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine together with the Association of land management specialists of Ukraine, the Land union of Ukraine and the Brazilian federal institute of education, science and technology.

Sharing the experience of related professionals in the use of UAVs contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and a better understanding of their application in education, industry and interdisciplinary research.

Mr. Caio Italo Marcieri Pimpinato presented the results of the Drones for Education project, which since 2018 is part of a team of specialists from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, São Paulo, Brazil. The main objective of this project is to involve the unmanned technologies in the educational process and to facilitate the students’ close contact with them. As an engineer, Mr. Caio has participated in seminars in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, and now in Ukraine.

Anatoliy Halytskyi, Chief Engineer of ABRIS Design Group, told the seminar participants about the technical features of UAVs FLIRT for land use removal, the features of UAVs of different types and the factors to be taken into account.