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Arrow is a light-weight, hand-launchable model is specifically designed for aerial mapping, video surveillance and aerial reconnaissance.

Use cases

security emergencies infrastructure objects inspections monitoring of piping & power lines agricultural & forest monitoring natural park monitoring aerial reconnai- ssance aerial mapping

Key advantages: 

  • Transporting, launch and controlling the mission itself can be easily carried out by a single person on foot
  • Stable operation even at high altitudes
  • Simultaneous video monitoring  and aerial mapping with a high-resolution sensor during flight
  • Remotely controlled stabilized camera in the nose to get online HD video up to 30 km ahead
  • High-precision aerial orthophoto and DTM without additional field work due to precision GNSS L1/L2 PPK system onboard
  • Covert aerial reconnaissance and  surveillance from high altitude in zero radio emission mode in conditions of active interference and GPS signal suppression

Technical characteristics:

  • total system weight 8 kg
  • up to 150 minutes in flight
  • launch from hand or catapult
  • parachute landing
  • GSD from 0.5 cm
  • up to 150 km flight distance
  • up to 30 km HD video link
  • wind tolerance up to 10 m/s.

Payload applicable onboard:

  • 20,4 mp SONY UMC-R10c camera with changeable lens
  • Parrot SEQUOIA multispectral camera
  • FLIR VUE PRO/FLIR DUO PRO thermal sensor
  • HD quality pan/tilt/zoom nose video camera
  • NextVision thermal&optical PTZ camera
  • L1/L2 PPK GNSS