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New FLIRT Cetus with two cameras on board

The new FLIRT Cetus UAV, equipped with two cameras (the camera SONY Alpha 7RM2 and the multispectral camera Parrot SEQUOIA) and the L1 / L2 GNSS receiver from our partners, the company E.P.S., passed into the hands of new customers, LLC “Khersonszemproekt”, and moved to the south of Ukraine to carry out the tasks of geodesic and agrarian aerial photography.

Just 5 days of training such a rather powerful tool have earned in the hands of new owners. This once again emphasizes that the unmanned FLIRT aircraft from ABRIS are fully automated and easy-to-use complexes that do not require users of special aviation education and pilot skills. Flights to our UAVs from launch to landing are fully automatic and do not require manual intervention. In turn, flying mission planning with the Abris Flight Planner software with an easy-to-use interactive interface will protect users from errors and ensure flight mission fulfillment.